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6 Incredible days in Cambodia

6 Incredible days in Cambodia

It all started with my younger daughter letting us know she wanted to go on a South East Asia trip in the fall.  My knee jerk reaction was “There is no way you’re going alone……I’m going with you!”. A few days later it was time to spin the wheel and decide on our...

My BIG mental adventure

My BIG mental adventure

I normally blog about physical adventures like mountaineering and triathlons.  Last weekend I had an incredible mental adventure that I wanted to share.  It all started when I started reading a book a few months ago called the Silva Mind Control Method. I was always a...

Great start and snow angels to cool down.

Great start and snow angels to cool down.

Week 1 of 2022 was like the beginning of any new hobby or initiative. A lot of energy and tons of "I've got this" feelings and making working out a priority. Having been there, done that sooo many times I take no credit for the really good start to the long journey...

Helicopter Skiing in British Columbia

Helicopter Skiing in British Columbia

After 6 years of coming here it is about time I share what my now annual heli skiing adventure in British Columbia is like. The place I've been going to every first week of December is called Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing. It is a combination of the most picturesque and...

Dinner in the Dark

Dinner in the Dark

This blog is mainly for adventure and travel stories but last night's "Dinner in the Dark" qualifies. I had the unfortunate experience of being temporarily blind (in each eye separately and years apart) when my retinas decided to detach several years ago. With the...

French Castle and Wine Porsche Tour

French Castle and Wine Porsche Tour

Since this blog was originally started to document travel trips, I’ll interrupt the flow of race reports and mountain adventures with a write up of an epic trip that my wife and I and 12 friends just completed. The trip was with a company called Fast Lane Travel and...

Mt Mckinley (Denali) Expedition

Mt Mckinley (Denali) Expedition

Mt Everest at 29,000 ft above sea level is the holy grail of mountain climbing.  Undertaking an Everest expedition is a very expensive, complicated and time consuming endeavor so I decided to try one of the closer 7 peaks first.  To get ready I summited Mt Rainier...


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