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Ultraman Florida Race Report

Ultraman Florida Race Report

It's been a while since my last post. I've been pretty busy with my advisory business as well as my book project.  Speaking of which, I'll provide a quick update on that first before getting into Ultraman.  Nothing goes as quickly as one would like.  I thought the...

Ironman World Championship Kona Race Report

Ironman World Championship Kona Race Report

Everything about the IM World Championship was world class. I’ve raced at over a dozen Ironman venues, all are great, some are excellent, but this one tops them all. If Kona is on your bucket list, leave it on there and continue to strive to add this race to your list...

My addiction to Ironman

My addiction to Ironman

I'm almost done with a book called Dopamine Nation by Dr. Anna Lembke.  From Amazon: This book is about pleasure. It’s also about pain. Most important, it’s about how to find the delicate balance between the two, and why now more than ever finding balance is...


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