Entrepreneurs, go the distance with an endurance athlete’s formula for success:


Taking a company all the way through scale-up to a successful exit is a grueling, long-haul endeavor, a special kind of endurance sport. Get a competitive advantage by learning the secrets of the masters of sustained performance: endurance athletes.

In Built to Finish, Steven Pivnik takes you on two journeys: leading his software and services company, Binary Tree, from inception to successful exit and his quest to compete in the IRONMAN® World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Steven shares how the insights gained from his adventures in triathlon, mountaineering, and ultramarathons apply to anyone’s pursuit of long-term personal and professional success.


“A lot of business books teach the why of improvement, but few get into the how. Anyone who knows about elite athletes knows they must be focused on the how, and that’s what Built To Finish delivers. Steven walks entrepreneurs and business owners through his own journey of scaling the heights of business and elite fitness to show us how we can be our own version of ‘elite’ in our lives and businesses. Highly recommended.”

— Shawn Rhodes, Chief Sales Sergeant of Bulletproof Selling, Keynote Speaker, and Author of Bulletproof Selling

“Pay attention to the lessons and stories beautifully weaved throughout this book. You will feel inspired and motivated to be more and do more in the world. Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate leader, you will find ideas you can apply personally and professionally.”

— Neen James, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Strategist, and Author of Folding Time and Attention Pays

“Steven has written an inspiring book about his family, life, relationships, athletics, and business journey. He has successfully extracted core lessons from those experiences in an engaging and delightful read. It’s well worth the time to devour it.”

— Jim Schleckser, CEO of The CEO Project and Two-Time Best-Selling Author of Great CEOs Are Lazy and Professional Drinking

“Business is tough; IRONMAN is tough! Through his experience of navigating the business world and over twenty triathlons, Steven gives us valuable lessons in achieving success. Every one of the key takeaways included in each chapter are lessons we must practice on a daily basis. Built to Finish is a must-read for anyone who needs guidance in building their path to the finish line.”

— Mike Reilly, Voice of IRONMAN Triathlon, Author of Mike Reilly Finding My Voice

“Whether you’re running a business, entering an endurance sport, or simply looking to navigate a career, Built to Finish provides a manual for success. Full of meaningful details, it provides a very honest and practical guide on how to prepare, compete, and ultimately achieve your ambitions. Steven’s account of his highs, lows, and ultimate success as an entrepreneur, a mountaineer, and a triathlete is a fascinating and enjoyable read with life-affirming lessons for everyone.”

— Nick Wilkinson, Advisor, Board Member, and CEO of Wilkinson Advisory Services, Director and Screenwriter

“I appreciate a great story about adversity and transformation. Steven’s journey from couch potato and college dropout to uber successful entrepreneur and IRONMAN World “Championship competitor is very inspiring. His lessons learned and key takeaways should be heeded by anyone aspiring to mount a similar journey. This is a fast-paced, inspirational, and educational read. I highly recommend it.”

— Joanna Lohman, Keynote Speaker, Former Professional Soccer Player and Member of the United States Women’s National Team, and Author of Raising Tomorrow’s Champions

Built to Finish is for the hero in all of us. If you’re set on big goals in life, this book shows you the way forward. With Steven as your guide, this book is a compass for those seeking fulfillment on their own path to success.”

— Jon Giganti, Vice President of CCC Intelligent Solutions and USA Today Best-Selling Author of With Intention

“Any entrepreneur would benefit from running their business with an endurance mindset. This book will show them how. Steven’s analogies from his racing and mountain adventures to the way he built and later sold his business really hit home. His self-deprecating humor allowed me to connect with him personally and feel the pain of his pitfalls and the highs of his summits. A really good read.”

— Scott White, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Invesque, Best-Selling Author of The Life is Too Short Guy

“Growing a business while attempting to qualify for the IRONMAN World Championship at the same time is quite the feat. Hearing how Steven grinded it out to achieve success in both is very inspirational. The key takeaways he provides in each chapter are a blueprint for others to follow in his footsteps.”

— Andrew Zimmerman, Cofounder and CEO of Journey, Author of Journey

“Using not just the experience of endurance training, but anecdotes and deeply personal moments from his own life, Steven Pivnik outlines his formula for success with humor, frankness, and an unerring trajectory. Anyone looking for inspiration and guidance in achieving their goals in any field can benefit from this book.”

— Satomi Hofmann, Broadway, Television, Film, and Commercial Actress

“Steven skillfully connects the dots, highlighting the striking similarities in the hurdles encountered by entrepreneurs and athletes. He takes us on an awe-inspiring journey, chronicling his extraordinary rise from building wealth from the ground up to transforming into a triathlete. This book is a must-read for anyone looking for fresh insights in both business and personal success.”

— Michelle Arpin Begina, Financial Advisor and Founder of MichelleAB, Author of Good With Money

“Building an international business to scale requires a monumental effort, and Steven’s story of doing just that is very inspiring. Comparing the boardroom adventures to his endurance addiction makes for very entertaining reading—I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter and read more. His lessons learned and advice on business and on life will help others to follow along a similar path in and out of the boardroom.”

— Tonia Jahshan, Founder and President of Sipology and Named Canada’s #1 Female Entrepreneur

“Steven Pivnik demonstrates the power of focus and commitment to achieve big goals, whether in business or in endurance events. This book will give you the conviction to work hard, play hard, and strive to bring out the best in all areas of your life. Kudos to Steven for showing us that lessons learned in one area of our lives can be so powerful in another—from the boardroom to the triathlon course, the mountain, or whatever challenges we may face.”

— Chris Bystriansky, Real Estate Investor, Two-Time IRONMAN Triathlon Finisher, and Author of New Steel

“Wow, what a fast-paced book of life lessons wrapped up in dynamic personal stories! It reads like a thriller and packs a powerful punch. Get it and start applying the lessons today. I highly recommend this book!”

— Tim Ash, International Keynote Speaker, Executive Advisor, and Best-Selling Author of Unleash Your Primal Brain

Built to Finish is the inspiring story of one man’s journey from fleeing religious oppression to achieving parallel successes in the worlds of extreme sports and highly competitive business. Everyone can benefit from what Steven Pivnik has learned and achieved.”

— Bob Baker, MD, Author of The Performance of Medicine

“Get ready for a self-awareness journey that will inspire you to courageously stand in your authenticity, step out of your uncomfortable comfort zone and bravely trek into the Unknown – where magic awaits.”

— Sara Daves, Author of Manifest Like a Goddess


  • 1 Pace yourself in business and in life and not move so fast you get ahead of building a solid foundation.
  • 2 Envisioning the finish can help manifest success.
  • 3 Always have contingency plans and be ready to execute them when things don’t go your way.
  • 4 Set big goals and develop detailed plans to achieve them.
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