My BIG mental adventure

I normally blog about physical adventures like mountaineering and triathlons.  Last weekend I had an incredible mental adventure that I wanted to share.  It all started when I started reading a book a few months ago called the Silva Mind Control Method. I was always a fan of meditation, though never able to do it properly, and I was also intrigued by advanced mental perception abilities. aka ESP.  This book covers the mental methods developed by Jose Silva in the 1960’s that have been turned into courses attended by millions of people worldwide.  I recommended the book to a friend of mine and after we finished it we were hooked and wanted to take the full course.  I probably would have procrastinated for a while, but she insisted we take the next available one.  Thank you Alena!

The one we attended was given in Farmington Connecticut over Memorial Day weekend.  It was going to be a serious expenditure of time and energy. 4 consecutive 10 hour days of learning and practicing.  We learned many new techniques and skills that will benefit us for years to come, so the investment is already paying off.

The foundation for the entire course is getting your brain into an Alpha state via meditation techniques.  During the day we all operate in a Beta state. This is our objective world where we apply logic based on sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. This is where we are also limited by real time and space. When our brains go into an Alpha state, we enter a totally subjective world where there is no time, no space and no locality. This is where our brain can be most influenced.  You can Google “brainwaves” for a lot more information on this.

The course was broken up into two main areas.  The topics covered over the first two days I’ll summarize as advanced purposeful meditation techniques. The next 2 days covered intuition.  The events that unfolded were very hard to believe as they were occurring. Had I not experienced them first hand, I would really be skeptical as you probably are reading this.  I’m not a paid Silva promoter. Everything mentioned below is very real and there were 50 other participants that had nearly identical experiences to mine.

What I’m mainly referring to are the intuition exercises that we went through.  That is not to say that the purposeful meditations we learned were any less impressive and meaningful. Leaving with tools to perform mental housecleaning, sleep control, internal alarm clock setting, dream control, headache control and others was priceless.

I’ll cover the surreal part first and then return to some of the above and more.

We were each asked to fill out 3 “cases”. A case is a description of someone you know that is experiencing serious physical ailments in any part of their body.  Any condition can be covered from broken bones to hearing impairments to cancer and diabetes.  In addition to the description, we were asked to highlight the part of the body on a body outline on the page.  ie:  Circle a broken arm, darken the chest area, etc…

With 3 cases completed we needed to pair up with someone that preferably we haven’t spoken to yet during the course. A complete stranger. My partner’s first task was to follow a meditation technique we learned to go into a mental space called “The Lab”. I’ll explain this later but for now imagine The Lab as a deep meditative state with eyes closed while still being able to fully communicate. It takes about 2 minutes to get to one’s lab.

Then I turned to my first case and only shared 4 pieces of information.  First name, age, gender and location.  I then instructed my partner to scan the body of my case. With closed eyes and outstretched arms my partner slowly went up and down the imaginary torso in front of them and from my script I asked them to stop and mention any area that seamed abnormal to them. If a body part was mentioned, I asked them to further “examine” it and provide addition details of what they sensed was wrong.

I actually performed the above first on 3 of my partner’s cases.  I failed miserably and incorrectly identified parts of the body I felt the person had issues with. I was incredibly demoralized by my failure and frankly didn’t want to continue but I had nowhere to hide.  When it was my partner’s turn to work on my cases, as I said, I shared first name, my case’s age, and where she lives.  My partner proceeded with the examination and stopped on her right arm, her left hand, then her heart. They also said she has diabetes.

I nearly fell out of my chair. The person I had for this case has a broken right arm, has carpel tunnel syndrome in her left hand, has 2 stents in her heart and is diabetic.  My partner proceeded to correctly diagnose the other 2 cases I presented as well.  I was pinching myself to fully comprehend that I just experienced real life mind reading in front of my eyes about people I know and love. I expected to learn advanced meditation techniques during this course, but to learn how some of them can bring out this ability was mind blowing to me.  And for everyone else for that matter.

This is a learned technique and I proved that on my 2nd attempt. I went two for three and was able to diagnose eye disease as well as hip issues amongst other things. No one was more surprised than me that I was getting better at this. After each diagnosis, the “psychic” is asked to send virtual healing to the patient. There is documented scientific medical proof that this has improved the condition of severely ill patients.

So what is a lab and how can it be used? in Silva terms, a lab is an environment or room that you make up to be an ideal location for you to solve problems. You pick the location, the contents and all materials you would like present. I didn’t make up my lab but rather used the memory of my previous home office that I spent over 20 years in.  It was comfortable, familiar, and brought back many great memories of excellent accomplishments for me. I did use my imagination a bit and had the rear sliding door open to a beach in Hawaii instead the house’s rear deck in New Jersey.

Another component of the lab are councilors that you invite in to help you work on whatever it is you bring into the lab. These can be living or dead.  My friend selected Tony Robbins and Mother Theresa.  I selected my deceased grandparents. I don’t want to go into great detail on how you manifest them and invite them in but please believe me when I tell you I saw my grandparents right there by my side when I was in the lab.  As I write these words, I know how WooWoo this all sounds but I can’t stress how real it actually is.

We learned to fully leverage this lab on solving real life problems.  You can bring business challenges, relationship issues, career opportunities and anything and everything you want to work on into your lab.  Armed with this new skill, I introduced my grandparents to my children. They were right there in front of me, clear as day. I was near tears during this exercise.

On the more logical front we learned how to remember our dreams and also to use dreams to solve real life challenges we are faced with.  We learned how a quick meditation can make a headache go away. We learned a technique called memory pegs to quickly and easily remember a long list of random items like a shopping list.  We learned a technique called Mirror the Mind to present a personal current world negative situation and erase it to form the outcome we really desire.  We learned techniques for dealing with habits we want to eliminate like smoking, drinking and over eating as well as adopting good new habits we want.

This course is given all of the world by Silva certified instructors. We got incredibly lucky in picking Farmington CT as the course in this location is given by Ken Coscia who worked with Jose Silva directly for over 25 years. I’m sure other instructors are good as well but I can’t recommend Ken highly enough. As mentioned above, please don’t underestimate the time commitment.  10 hours a day (9 AM to 7 PM) for 4 days strait is a huge investment and will be mentally and physically draining at times but wow is it worth it.  You will leave feeling like you can conquer the world.

I now have a renewed sense of urgency around my current adventure of publishing my book, Built To Finish. I’ve always practiced manifestation but now I have new and improved tools to take my recently re-completed manuscript and turn it into a successful book launch!

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